Design & Build Process

The main structure of your garden room will be partially prefabricated offsite in our workshop to ensure we can deliver the most efficient installation times.
Following our initial meeting and site survey, we can deliver your garden room in 6-8 weeks.
Our garden rooms are typically constructed on site in 5-10 days, depending on the size and specification.


  • Day 1: Ground Prep and base build up (prep for connection to dwelling Elec/Water/Drainage)??
  • Day 2: On site assembly of the walls, Windows/Door installation.
  • Day 3: Roof installation and covering.
  • Day 4: Painting and internal finishing.
  • Day 5: Flooring, snagging and final connection of services.

These timelines are a general guideline of what should be expected but there are some instances where a personalised timescale for an individual project will be required and where the specification / scope of work extends the design a build process. The size of the building, location, ground conditions and enabling works will dictate the speed with which the order will progress. Please rest assured that we’ll take care of all the logistics and make sure you are comfortable with the timeline.


Ground Screws

These are a simple, strong and cost effective solution to a foundation. As the name suggests the ground screw is in effect screwed into the ground at intermediate points around the base of timber floor. Not only are they efficient to install but unlike traditional poured concrete slabs, they can be built on the moment they are installed.


Built from a solid timber frame, very similar to timber framed houses you can find on the market, infilled with 80mm of insulation. Overboard with OSB on the outside, sheathed with a weatherproof membrane then counter battened and cladded to fit the Garden Room seamlessly into its surroundings. The inside is then Plasterboarded with paint finish to create a blank canvas for you to enjoy.


Our standard roof covering offers protection from the elements, maintaining a lightweight, durable lid to your room. Of course you’re welcome to upgrade/change your roof covering to suit an individual specification.


The electrical wiring for the sockets and the lights will be neatly hidden in the walls giving a sleek, clean look. We follow the same standards when it comes to Data cabling and plumbing works should you need it.

Windows and doors;

Fully double glazed, in a colour of your choice. There are different options we offer such as UPVC or Aluminium either way we can help with any questions you might have.

Services & Connections

In order to connect the Garden room to power, water and drainage there are some basic requirement we need in order to facilitate this. The checks for these will be carried out during the initial site visit, but there may be instances where investigations works are required, especially for drainage.

Electrical supply

We would need to insure the consumer unit has adequate space for a supply to feed the Garden room safely without overloading or causing issue. The consumer unit would also need to be RCD protected and a run of cable would need to travel out to the Garden room.

Water supply

We would need to ensure the existing pipework is in good repair, with a stopcock (in most cases this is already in place but we do have to check).


We would require an adequate ‘fall’ on the pipework to ensure the correct run is achieved. That the drainage hub can be tapped into and that the pipework or hub we connect to is in good repair. Some of the points above may not be known to hand but don’t worry we have a checklist in place to make sure you are fully aware of any changes that may need to be made. To help we can arrange any upgrading work to ensure the build runs seamlessly without any issues.

Sustainable, Low-Carbon Design

Our manufacturing processes ensure material waste is kept to an absolute minimum and we only source our timber from sustainable (FSC Certified) sources. We can incorporate ‘green’ technologies within our design that provide energy efficient heating and cooling.
Solar and rainwater harvesting systems are also an option and we can improve the ecological value of the building through the use of low-maintenance living green roofs and walls.

Bespoke Joinery Solutions

We offer a range of bespoke joinery solutions, that can meet any brief. Integrated cabinetry is a great way of saving space and will achieve a high-quality seamless finish that complements the internal space. The possibilities are endless, so please let us know what you require and we will make it happen!

Functional. Bespoke.

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